META tags, keywords, tags: picking the right plugin

What’s a blog without SEO and a tag cloud…

Got to get is sorted out, got to get it righ, with minimal fuss, AND easy for the users of varying technical ability.

There are at least a dozen of wordpress plug-ins claiming to solve all or at least a part of this problem. That’s too many. Must pick as few as possible to reduce unexpected interactions.

It seams that the two most powerful (and very similar) tag/keyword plug-ins are The Ultimate Tag Warrior (funny: i cannot find the Trackback URL on its page – it must be me) and Jerome’s Keywords.

Jerome’s Keywords has inspired at least three other plug-ins that variously extend it (see Codex).

A great place to start sorting it out is here

Being anal I went through virtually everything I could get my hands on. The writ-up turned out way too long to be managable, so I am splitting the original post into a series of smaller posts for mine (and yours) convenience.

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