“Head Meta Description” – in search of tagging, “meta” and not (part 6)

While looking to implement META tags, search keywords, content taggin and such for a commercial site I went through virtually everything I could get my hands on. This is part six (of many) of my findings. Feel free to argue.

Head Meta Description – generates “description” meta tags. No more, no less. Perfect focus. I wish more plug-ins were like this: do just one thing but do it really well.

  • + gives an option to overwrite the default Tagline as the blog description
  • + uses custom field “description” (field name can be changed) for description META tag. If the filed is empty – uses the explicit excerpt. If there is none, uses 20 (by defaul) or any other configurable number of first words of the post. Nice and thoughtful.
  • – got old posts? – the fallback takes care of that.
  • +/- No keyword support. Just razo-sharp focus on one thing: description Meata tag.
  • +/- configuration is via four “user-configurable”variables… why not put together a nice form for those (not me) who panic at the sight of php? Yes, there are such people out there!
  • Bottom line: if managing description is all you want (no keywords) – this is it.

Why does anyone care about “description” meta tag?

  • Well, all my reasearch suggests that decision to igore it is a right one(mostly): http://www.highrankings.com/metadescription.htm
  • Google ignores it completely,
  • Yahoo displays it in the search results (if it’s not there, it would display page beginning or the text around the keywords – I am not sure).
  • MSN is like Google.

So, the only real reason to use it is when we discover that some very important search on Yahoo produces a stupid excerpt.


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