“HeadSpace 2” – in search of tagging, “meta” and not (part 7)

While looking to implement META tags, search keywords, content taggin and such for a commercial site I went through virtually everything I could get my hands on. This is part seven (of many) of my findings. Feel free to argue.

HeadSpace 2 – insert keywords and description META tags, as well as other header tags (CSS, javascript, etc. – not relevant to this research).

  • Comes from the author of my beloved Redirection plug-in.
  • Global descroption and keywords (fallback when there is no custom data per page/post)
  • Global description and kewords for single post and multi-post pages.
  • META Descriptions of category pages are based on category descriptions – nice!
  • – If category description is empty – you get no description tag (today – I have just sent this observation to the author, so there may be a fix soon)
  • – In category pages you get no keywords meta tag (for now).
  • UNLESS you need to ovewrite blog tagline, HeadSpace 2 is a superset of “Head Meta Description” plug-in. (Hmmm… I may have to rip that out into a separate plug-in. Would be fun.)

Note to self (and to others): always check what your page source looks like: personally, I totally forgot that the theme I was using spits out both keywords and description meta tags, populating it with the blog Tagline from Options->General. I thought it was WordPress’ default behavior and worried way too much what the search engines will do when they run into two instances of the same meta tag… All I had to do was look in the header.php


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