“Jerome’s Keyword Manager” – in search of tagging, “meta” and not (part 11)

While looking to implement META tags, search keywords, content taggin and such for a commercial site I went through virtually everything I could get my hands on. This is part eleven (of many) of my findings. Feel free to argue.

Jerome’s Keyword Manager – is a truly marvelous tool for managing those tags. It will eventually become integrated into Jerome’s Keywords, but for now it is still a separate plug-in.

  • List posts with their keywords/tags
  • Lists untagged posts
  • Can edit/replace/delete a keyword and automatically propagate the change throughout all pertinent posts! Oh yeah!
  • almost all functionality has been integrated into Jerome’s Keywords V2 Beta 3 already, with the exception of listing the post without any keywords. Personally I liked the way this plug-in lists posts with the keywords better then the current way. Well, it’s still a Beta.

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