“Jerome’s Keywords” 2.0 (Beta 3) – in search of tagging, “meta” and not (part 9)

While looking to implement META tags, search keywords, content taggin and such for a commercial site I went through virtually everything I could get my hands on. This is part nine (of many) of my findings. Feel free to argue.

Jerome’s Keywords 2.0 (Beta 3) – had I started here I would have saved myself a lot of time. Originally focused just on the tags, this plug-in now also handles META tag integration and then some.

* infrastructure for tag search template
* include tags as categories in feeds (this feature was suggested by a user and Jerome rose to the challenge)
* include/exclude/include all categories as meta keywords
* have a standard set of meta keywords included in every page (Yeah, baby! – I’ve been dreaming of this.)
* Adjustable format for tag display (no coding – just open the options page! – very user friendly)
* Numerous options for tag cloud/cosmos display (could use a bit of an explanation what”scaling is about” – but that’s what the web page is for)
* tag formatting forTechnorati, Flikr, and delicio.us – nice!
* a fuction for the output of top keywords/tags
* a function (rather flexible) for use in keywords meta tag. At first I thought: “what, i have to meddle with php?- Other plug-ins just generate the tag!” But Jerome’s is more flexible then any of them, and use of a function gives you more freedom to add other things into the tag! The function can intelligently add the categories and default keywords already – what the hell more may I want??!
* IF instead of pointing at Technorati tags you want to point at some other cool tag site – there is a variable for that too.

Given all the richness and well-thought through flexibility, it is easier to tell what is NOT there:

* – meta tag “description” – not handled. Clearly outside of the plug-in’s focus (it’s just so good that at some point one begins to hope that it got everything AND a kitchen sink).
* – title tag – same as above: outside of the scope
* +++/- a list of your tags in the Write panel (similar to the Categories list) this would be really nice! Maybe with a bit of Ajax action? Yeah, I am dreaming, so? GUESS WHAT: it’s there! You just do not see it as you are tagging your very first post! A bit confusing for the beginner, but I love when my dreams come true.
* ++ What’s interesting, there is no way to just add a tag. Not without adding it to a post (as far as I could figure it out). Annoying for over-organized minds, this forces certain discipline on the user: you only have the tags you use.

Really cool thing about Jerome’s Keywords is that ther are plug-ins building on top of this plug-in. Now That’s the power of collaboration!


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