“The Ultimate Tag Warrior” – in search of tagging, “meta” and not (part 14)

While looking to implement META tags, search keywords, content taggin and such for a commercial site I went through virtually everything I could get my hands on. This is part fourteen (of many) of my findings. Feel free to argue.

The Ultimate Tag Warrior – an extremely versatile and respected tagging plug-in. Some people believe you need either UTW or Jerome’s Keywords. Others enjoy both (they do conflict out of the box but there is a fix ). So I am focusing on comparing the two.

  • Offers tag suggestions using Yahoo – the suggestions actually do make sence.
  • Just like Jerome’s Keywords generates “keywords” meta tag (is it me or is Jerome more versatile on this?)
  • “Embedded tags” option offers a mechanism to manually turn tags in the text into links to the tag pages (why not automatically?)
  • Same option allows to add a list of tags – invaluable when blogging by email.
  • Adds tags to RSS feeds. TODO – compare with the Jerome’s way.
  • Tag list presentation options in the Editing screen: two ways (plus “none”)
  • Supports two (2) sets of tags per post with custom formatting. The selection of formats is mind boggling (and somewhat cryptic). Still, all the wonders are managed via the optios menu. The most impressive (I think) is the long-tail graph.
  • Tag formatting for size and color from most to least popular is more powerful then by Jerome.
  • BAD – totally ignores PAGES. All this power is for posts only, at least as far as editing is concerned.
  • SAD – the latest version of Jerome’s Keywords uses a new database (table?). I came across some statements on the web that led me to believe that they use the same custome field (“keywords”) making these plugins potentially complementary. Well, not any more, not really.
  • “Convert Categories to Tags” – so you have been using categories as tags, anow you have seen the light and want to have the tag infrastructure (that’s why you have just installed this plug-in). UTW can turn “import” your categories. It’s not easy to undo, so be careful. But it’s really nice to have the option…
  • There is also an improt/export to/from custom field, so that you can migrate to/from another plug-in. Nice feature. I wonder if there is a way to run it at each “save” in the Writing screen – it would make it posible to co-exist with another tagging plug-in if one provides extra functionality.
  • Tagging in the post is coo, but i really wish there was a QuickTag and a TinyMCE buttton.
  • +++ Search Tags page/template with Ajax is Sooooo sexy! The tags are presented as a cloud and as you click on them the relevant posts with their excerpts appear on the page. Orgazmic! (You may have to modify the searchtags.php template to make it work with your theme).
  • There is allegedly aTag cloud widget out there (the download link is currently broken), a Similar Posts widget, and a DropDown Archives widget all supporting UTW.

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