My New WordPress Plug-in: Insensitive

WordPress usernames are case-sensitive by default.

This is a great and friendly features that confuses the hell out of some users who got brainwashed into the other thinking by popular Internet sites. And so we keep getting irritated complaints along the lines of “Why cannot I log in? – I know how to spell my own name!” It gets worse once they realized that they actually do have trouble spelling the capitals…

To make things more confusing, when a user registered as “Joe” tries to log in as “joe”, he gets a misleading message: “Incorrect Password”, even if there is no such user as “joe”. It is a security feature, I understand, but it takes some digging to figure out that when the users complain about passwords, what they are actually having is a capitalization problem.

The “Insensitive” plug-in takes care of the problem.

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