RAID 6 on OpenSlug Linux

A vibrant community has emerged around Linksys NSLU2 device. The device has been hacked, and several versions of Linux have been made available.

Slug+RAID6In my personal quest for perfection I decided no to attach any hard drives to this already totally quiet mini-server, but to put together a RAID of cheap USB flash devices.

I seem to have succeeded, and thus my findings are available here. I believe that the same approach will work on the hard drives, and large chunks of this document are applicable to virtually any version of Linux. Not that I would know. Think for yourself.


this is just in: you can now install Debian on Slug. That makes this HOWTO outdated. Most parts of it are still relevant for anyone trying to make heads and tails of software RAID. I am going to try to install Debian and see if I can update this document.


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