Plug-in for a Plug-in: “Send as Email (If…)” for “Filled In” for WordPress

If you have not discovered John Godley’s collection of WordPress plug-ins…you owe me big. I use at least half of them. The most flexible of them all is “Filled-In” – an amazing piece of code that alone is worth three any other plug-ins. Don’t take my word for it – check it out!

I have little doubt that some day Filled-in will be as popular among power users as widgets are among amateur bloggers.

The real beauty of it is that this baby can be easily extended.

And so, when I finally run into something it could not readily do, I wrote the extension posted below. I am not very good at PHP, but if you check my two posts on John’s site, you will see that it took me about four hours to figure out what it takes and put together (and debug) a new, useful extension.

You can do it too!

Ok, enough propaganda. Here it comes.

Oh, and why did I write it? – Because I wanted the input from a form to be emailed to different people depending on the contents of the fields. Like, say, sending “Website Problems” to the webmaster (me), but “You have won Nigerian National Lottery”… elsewhere.

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