Links In The Head

Gallery2 is a wonderful and extremely powerful media sharing application, but some of its features are hard to reach for people with zero PHP/CSS experience.

So I wrote this plugin to deal with at least one of the problems.

With most themes, Gallery generates a list of “system links” at the very top of the page. Usually you see here things like “Login” and “Site Admin”. With a couple of neat plugins you can also add “About” and “Useful Links”.

But that’s about it.

Well, this top menu is too valuable a piece of real estate to ignore, and so I have come up with a way to inject into it any link your heard desires without having to mess with the templates files and learn Smarty. All you have to do is install a new module and then specify the link text and URL in the form. That’s it!

links_inthehead.gifThe links could be absolute, or could be relative. I use it to point at my blog (here) and at my favorite photo (in the gallery). Your imagination is your only limit!

Detailed installation instructions and the most up-to-date version (many thanks and double extra good karma to Alec for bug fixes!) can be found at module’s permanent page.


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