Open Source: Developer Response Time

In the last eight (8) hours (on Sunday, no less) I submitted ten (ten) feature requests to the authors of various modules for the Open Source CMS Drupal. I did not handpick the requests – I am building a real site.

But the response time stunned me into writing this post.

Out of 10 requests:

  • 2 resulted in features implemented and available (I actually managed to exchange a bunch of messages with the author – how can a human being be so helpful and patient is beyond me);
  • 2 authors responded pointing out the current features (that I missed) and promising an even better implementation;
  • 3 module authors agreed with the value of the suggested features and actually gave a preliminary timeline;
  • 1 request has been answered not by the module author, but by another user who offered a patch implementing the feature;
  • 2 requests have not been answered yet.

If you reported ten bugs in commercial software, how much response would you get within eight hours (any day of the week)?

Now, if you were asking not for a critical fix, but for ten new features like I did…

– you know the answer.


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