Using Odd SATA port on Mac Pro with RAID 10 and Bootcamp

Mac Pro (“early 2008” models) has two unused SATA ports on its system board. They are hard to reach and even harder to use, since these ports, known as “Odd SATA” ports are not bootable.

But sometimes there is simply no other way: RAID-10 requires four hard drives, and Bootcamp insists on using an internal HD.

Well, I have figured out how to make the two live side by side in the same Mac and wrote it up.

Just remember: what worked for me might not work for you, especially if you do not understand what you are doing. And PLEASE do not forget to pull the power plug or to ground yourself before diving into your Mac’s bowels. If you electrocute your computer, yourself, your pet, your family, or your local sheriff, it is not my fault. I told you so.

And now….enjoy the step by step instructions!

And remember: it is as important to let us know that it worked as bitching about the problems. Both help those who follow in your footsteps form realistic expectation.


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