Have you discovered Menalto Gallery yet?

Well, if you have a Web site, you should.

It’s easy to say something along the lines of “… putting a bunch of pictures on the Web… Huh! How hard could it be?” – and then you try to do it and you discover that it is not as easy as it seems. Not if you want something specific, that is. (Joining the herd at Flickr… is not for everyone.)

Gallery2 is the solution. It’s free. It’s Open Source. It’s pre-installed at virtually every web hosting service. And it’s easy to use.

In fact, at times it reaches the pinnacles of Apple-esque simplicity (comment on this, Fake Steve!)

It is also so well architectured, that today it is probably the most integrated with open source application of them all: from WordPress to Drupal to Joomla every project that need an image gallery turns to this application.

Most importantly, it is easy to enhance: there are countless user-developed themes, icon packs, color packs and image frames.

The moment I ran into it I was tempted to contribute. Here is what it has lead to:

Siriux Frame – I packaged the beautiful image frame built into the standard Siriux theme so that now it works in any theme supporting Image Frame plugin.

Links In The Head plugin – add any link your heard desires next to system links like “Login” and “Site Admin” in the top navigation menu. No coding whatsoever!

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I am sorry you have to see this. Actually, I am not – if you came here, it’s you fault. When we choose our actions we also choose the consequences.

Despite my oversized ego I do NOT believe that anyone out there craves a daily dose of my insight. In fact, I am suspicious of people who think otherwise.

This blog is a tool.

I meddle with many complex computer deployments, and as I go through adding features and learning things, I also tend to forget numerous details and the reasoning behind the many choices I have made in the past. This is the place to document my adventures. And to give something back.

If you stumble upon this and find it useful – …good for you.

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