Instaling Krusader orthodox file manager on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

For the Impatient Yes, it works! In all its awesome glory! Click on the image to see the screen shot at its full resolution. The process itself is magical, like everything on Mac  🙂 I had to make a ritual sacrifice of the most precious commodity of them all: time. While I cannot earn it […]

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ControllerMate (part 14 of 14): Mouse Reloaded.

The final solution – “Mouse Reloaded”. Now with just two buttons I can perform eight different functions. I bet you can do better (but you have to tell me!)

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I am sorry you have to see this. Actually, I am not – if you came here, it’s you fault. When we choose our actions we also choose the consequences.

Despite my oversized ego I do NOT believe that anyone out there craves a daily dose of my insight. In fact, I am suspicious of people who think otherwise.

This blog is a tool.

I meddle with many complex computer deployments, and as I go through adding features and learning things, I also tend to forget numerous details and the reasoning behind the many choices I have made in the past. This is the place to document my adventures. And to give something back.

If you stumble upon this and find it useful – …good for you.