Siriux frame for Menalto Gallery

Siriux theme comes standard with Menalto Gallery 2. Its admin UI is… not exactly Matrix, but its end-user experience is the pinnacle of Zen simplicity.

Siriux does not support the Image Frame plug-in, but it has a very simple yet stylish frame of its own.

I took the liberty of extracting it from the theme and productizing it – it is now pluggable into the Image Frame for Gallery2.

Not surprisingly, it looks like this:

Siriux frame in action.

Installation Instructions

There should not be need for any, but this blog is hosted for free by the wonderful folks at (may the Gods of their choice smile at them), and so I cannot upload a zip file (it’s a security restriction).

So, here is what you will do:

  1. Download the attached frameinc.txt file. (Do note that this is a CSS frame, so there is only one file inside, no images. )
  2. Rename frameinc.txt to
  3. Go into your Gallery2 installation into the modules/imageframe/frames directory – that’s where all your frames are
  4. Create a new directory – I suggest you call it Siriux after the theme this frame originates from
  5. put file into this new directory.

You are DONE! Now Siriux frame should become available in all the themes that support Image Frame module.

Oh, and if you think this can be done better – go for it!
(Just post the results.)

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