Programing Mac Mouse (keyboard, joystick) with ControllerMate (and no coding)

Mac OS X is user-friendly out of the box. But some of us want more.

A wonderful tool – ControllerMate for Mac – allows you to reconfigure your mouse, keyboard, joystick, or pedals to perform a myriad of useful functions. All you need is the desire and a bit of patience necessary to drag a few blocks around your screen.

I fell in love with this tool and eventually decided to document my adventures in a series of fourteen posts listed below:

Programming with ControllerMate for Mac (and no coding). Part 1 of 14: Introduction.

ControllerMate for Mac (part 2 of 14): Acceleration and Scrolling

ControllerMate (part 3 of 14):  One Button, Two Actions (Single Click versus Double Click)

ControllerMate (part 4 of 14):  One Button, Two Actions (Short Click versus Long Click)

ControllerMate (part 5 of 14):  Two Buttons Together (Single Click versus Double Click)

ControllerMate (part 6 of 14).  One Button, Two Actions: Single Click (recognized on release) versus Double Click

ControllerMate (part 7 of 14).  Putting things together: Single-Click, Double-Click, Two Buttons… Had enough yet?

ControllerMate (part 8 of 14). Using a modifier button.

ControllerMate (part 9 of 14). Modifiers reversed.

ControllerMate (part 10 of 14). Modifiers and Double-clicks.

ControllerMate (part 11 of 14). Distinguishing between one-button and two-button clicks.

ControllerMate (part 12 of 14). Almost Done.

ControllerMate (part 13 of 14). Distinguishing between one-button and two-button clicks – with faster, reliable release.

ControllerMate (part 14 of 14): Mouse Reloaded.

I do my best to answer the questions, but as the time passes my knowledge of this tool is likely to decrease due to lack of use (once I get it just right, there is no need to tinker any more). If you find my responces lacking, please turn to ControllerMate Forums – they are most excellent!

  1. […] is part One in a series of posts. For the full table of contents go here or […]

  2. I just discovered your reference to this series on the ControllerMate forums – great information, thank you! I’m going to reference this series from the ATMac blog where I’ve written about ControllerMate before.



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