My WordPress Plug-ins

I am NOT a WordPress developer

…but I used to code a while back, and so when I run into something that’s not quite perfect (for me) in WordPress, I am tempted to fix it. Since I support several commercial blogs, I am tempted quite often.

I do not know PHP. I have never written a full PHP program in my life. Not even “Hello, World”. This means the code may be buggy and is guaranteed to be sub-optimal. There is no hopewhatsoever that I will understand Ajax well enough to implement…

… but just like I found the code of several current and long-abndoned plug-ins extremely helpful in a tight spot, my plug-ins just might help someone else. So here they are.


I wrote these plug-ins for my own purposes, not for public distribution. They are provided “As Is” and can probably do horrible harm. Parts of them came from other people’s code. I think I understand what they do, but not always why or how (this is especially true of the Ajax part if any).

Support Policy

I will do my best to fix the bugs, especially if someone (you?) tells me where they are and how to fix them. Please, before you badmouth the fruits of my labors elsewhere on the Net, let me know that there is a problem!

My Plug-ins:

Title Override

  • Do not like what wp_title() puts into your <title> tag? Want to optimize it for SEO (or readability?) This plug-in will override wp_title() output with a statement of your choice. PHP skills optional.

Trim Passwords

  • Automatically trim the passwords to eliminate accidentally entered ( usually during copy/paste) spaces and other characters (tabs and double quotation marks like this one: ).

Trim Usernames

  • Automatically trim the usernames to eliminate accidentally entered ( usually during copy/paste) spaces, tabs, colons, and double quotation around the usernames.


  • WordPress usernames are case sensitive. Many people on the Internet are used to case-insensitive passwords, where “Caroline” and “caroline” refer to the same account. Insensitive plug-in takes care of it. Sensibly.

Blank Admin Page

  • Create a top-level blank page in your Admin menu. Why? – to put other menus under it using the oh-so-sexy Barun Singh’s Custom Admin Menu plug-in.

Send as Email (If…)

  • This is an extension for John Godley’s Filled-In plug-in. Filled-in is a wonderful form processor. My extension allows you to take form input and send it somewhere on if a condition is met.


  • Show another site or a web page in a frame within your blog by inserting something like this: <!–- webframe 400 200 -–> into your post.

Good luck!

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I am sorry you have to see this. Actually, I am not – if you came here, it’s you fault. When we choose our actions we also choose the consequences.

Despite my oversized ego I do NOT believe that anyone out there craves a daily dose of my insight. In fact, I am suspicious of people who think otherwise.

This blog is a tool.

I meddle with many complex computer deployments, and as I go through adding features and learning things, I also tend to forget numerous details and the reasoning behind the many choices I have made in the past. This is the place to document my adventures. And to give something back.

If you stumble upon this and find it useful – …good for you.

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