ControllerMate (part 14 of 14): Mouse Reloaded.

Note: this is not a substitute for the original and most excellent ControllerMate tutorial. I am endeavoring to save some time for those who have read it and now are eager to get things done.

Important: I strongly recommend that for the duration of this adventure you find and connect an extra mouse to your Mac – that way even if you mis-configure your target device you will still have full control.

This is part fourteen in a series of posts. For the full table of contents go here or here.

End of the line!

I cannot think of anything else to improve, so here is the final design:

Mouse Reloaded

Why changes?

1) I wanted to improve the single clicking for button #2, incorporating the latest algorithm.

2) I found any delay on button #1 annoying, and so I streamlined things a bit, at the price of a bit of convenience: when Button #1 is pressed, it registers as a press even if you intend to use it as a modifier. Works fine for me – I have not destroyed any files by mistake yet.

In the real world instead of funny sounds I initiate applescripts and simulate key presses. For example, Sosumi sound is replaced with a left button click on my virtual mouse.

You can find a lot more examples and ideas on ControllerMate web site and in its forums. The community is extremely helpful, so the only limit is your imagination.

Thank you for reading. Have fun!

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