ControllerMate (part 10 of 14). Modifiers and Double-clicks.

Note: this is not a substitute for the original and most excellent ControllerMate tutorial. I am endeavoring to save some time for those who have read it and now are eager to get things done.

Important: I strongly recommend that for the duration of this adventure you find and connect an extra mouse to your Mac – that way even if you mis-configure your target device you will still have full control.

This is part ten in a series of posts. For the full table of contents go here or here.

The pieces are coming together:

Fun, fun, fun!..

Still high from figuring out how to use sequences, I added another block that I described earlier: Single versus Double click handler. The result is: two buttons – four new actions (I am not even counting the standalone clicks and double-clicks. With those thorwn in we are now in the “two buttons – eight actions” territory).

L+R, R+L, L+RR, R+LL

Feel free to turn it into a poster to impress the uninitiated. My fair cut is 300% – do not argue with the crazy man!

The combined result is vortex of power (if you are into that kind of thing, you Niyarlahotep worshipper):

  • hold button #1 and click button #2 – hear a Frog
  • hold button #1 and Double-click button #2 – hear a Funk
  • hold button #2 and click button #1 – hear a Ping
  • hold button #2 and Double-click button #1 – hear a Purr

The whole thing is just a combination of the known simple elements.

Very nice. But the jorney is not over: there are some more subtle cases to explore.

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